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IMac Setup

Here are some settings in case you need these.

IP Address: "Server Assigned"
Subnet Mask: ""
Gateway Add: ""

Network Primary DNS Secondary DNS

Listed below are some links to some walk-throughs of Mac's. Perhaps these can help.

iMAC Internet Setup Assistant

What you need to get started:

  • An account with First Link
  • Your username
  • Your password
  • Your Local Call Access number
  • The Primary & Secondary DNS numbers



iMAC - Step 1

Open up the Assistants folder and double click on the Internet Setup Assistant icon.

iMAC - Step 2


iMAC - Step 3


iMAC - Step 4

You will need to enter in a name for this configuration. Also ensure that modem is checked before continuing.
Enter in the name as shown above.

iMAC - Step 5

Select the modem you are using from the drop down list above. Ensure you have the correct port selected and tone is selected.

iMAC - Step 6

Enter in your Local Call Access number, your username and your password in the spaces provided ( as shown above ).

iMAC - Step 7

Ensure that No is checked

iMAC - Step 8

There is no IP Configuration so ensure No is selected

iMAC - Step 9

Enter in the DNS addresses as shown above, as well as the Domain Name as shown above and then

iMAC - Step 10

Enter in your email address and your password in the spaces provided ( as shown above )

iMAC - Step 11

Enter in the POP as shown above and ensure you replace your-username with your username ( For example, if my name was Bill Smith and my username was bsmith my POP would be ) and you will also need to enter in the SMTP of which details are shown in the above graphic.
Once you have done this,

iMAC - Step 12

Enter in the News address in the space provided ( as shown above )

iMAC - Step 13

You have now finished configuring your iMAC for connection to the internet. To complete your Internet Settings, click Go Ahead. To connect later, you can either use the Remote Access section of the Control Strip, or you can use the Remote Access Control Panel.

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